Our Mission

Our goal: a world where everyone has the courage and bravery to speak their hearts regardless of what others might think.

We believe the future is bright and we want to be part of helping young minds. Cloud9 gives kids a tool to deal with social anxiety. We want to empower them to overcome their fears and take them to their highest point. We want to help them find different, productive ways to overcome their social anxiety.

Who We Are 🤖 🦄

The Robot Unicorns are a group of 11-year-old girls who are using mobile technology to help kids who suffer with social anxiety disorder.

Tito is from Nigeria, Emma is from Australia, Claire and Sarah are from Canada.

The Robot Unicorns team has worked together for months developing the Cloud9 app while attending middle school in Alberta, Canada.

We're making this app to help solve a problem in our community. We hope it can help you!

Tito A.


Emma C.

Graphic Design/Business

Claire P.


Sarah J.


How We Got Started

Robot Unicorns was a finalist at the 2019 Technovation World Pitch in San Francisco, California.

Our Team Name

Lots of people ask us how we came up with the name "Robot Unicorns". Tito and Sarah were the only two people able to attend the first meeting. Before they even knew what kind of app they’d like to build Sarah was eager to somehow use unicorns in their name. Tito suggested that since it was a technology competition they should use robots.

And that’s how Robot Unicorns was born.

Credits, Appreciation, Respect & Thank Yous

We didn’t get here alone. It’s takes a village and this all came together with a lot of help from our community. We would like to thank the following: