Team Robot Unicorns is a proud junior finalist at Technovation Girls #WorldPitch19.


Cloud9 is a mobile app that allows children who suffer from social anxiety to express themselves to a digital pet. If you have social anxiety this is the one-stop shop that could be a great tool for you!

Cloud9 was built by kids, for kids.

About the       Team

A One-stop Shop for Kids with Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder (S.A.D.) is a disorder that causes a person to be afraid to interact with people. People who suffer with Social Anxiety Disorder may feel nervous, insecure, shy, inadequate, terrified or alone. Approximately three kids in every school class have social anxiety.

Have you ever noticed someone in your class that is always quiet? Maybe they look worried or shy? Some kids feel the most nervous at recess, other feel like presenting in front of their class is terrifying. These kids may not know that these feelings could be social anxiety. Kids with Social Anxiety Disorder can struggle with poor school performance, trouble making friends and sometimes alcohol or drug abuse.

Cloud9 helps kids with social anxiety in 3 stages; giving you a friend, an advisor and a community to help you.

Stage 1: Chat with Charlie!

Need a friend? Charlie is a friendly golden retriever who is there to listen to you. Type anything you want to say. You can even back and read it again to reflect.

Stage 2: The Therapist

Need some support? Our therapist, a chihuahua, can help! He will ask you a few questions and give you personalized advice on what to do.

Stage 3: Resource Hub

Good news! You are not alone. Here you will find stories, links, and advice from people just like you.

Praise for Cloud9 and Robot Unicorns

"As a Family Physician with a practice emphasis on mental health for the past twenty years, I am so impressed with the innovation and creativity of the Cloud9 app! I especially like how this was developed for youth by youth, and as such, is very relatable to this age group. The use of animals to help users feel more comfortable is ingenious! Cloud9 is clearly a creative innovative technology that is wonderfully suited to helping young people ! I truly commend these young women for their ingenuity!"

— Dr. Penny Borghesan, Department of Family Medicine, South Health Campus

“Mental Health issues for children and adolescents continue to grow in frequency and impact. Apps like this that are developed by youth for their peers, who understand their unique perspectives and views of the world and how technology interacts with it and them, is an exciting approach. As a physician who sees significant mental health and addictions issues in everyday practice, it is refreshing and energizing to see solutions arising from engaged young innovators!”

— Dr. Michael Spady, MD, CCFP